Tuesday, December 8, 2009

coloured contacts

Green. Grey. A pair each. They're coming from Sao Paolo and are currently somewhere in Campinas. Yes, these are names of places in Brazil.

I am thankful to be living in a time where globalization has allowed us to share items, resources, and ideas across the globe with such great ease. The great explorers of old never saw this coming when they sailed the seas to colonize land. Well at least not at such speeds that we travel in today. I'm expectng the package to arrive some time by the end of this week. The FedEx tracking says Thursday but I always expect a delay. I AM SO STOKED!!!

I am now going to attach my name to the brand of contact lenses so that when they arrive I can give them a review to make contact lens purchases a little easier for the next person. The reviews prior to mine were very helpful to me for sure.

Solotica Hidrocharme -Mel
Solotica Hidrocharme - Ice

They're gonna be badass.

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