Monday, February 19, 2007

safety feature

in the cellar of reflections,
i pry into my entire being,
finding reasons and figuring out,
what made me feel so empty.

shrouded in lethargic routine,
running hither and further,
you came and fire-lit my tunnel,
and warmed my frozen hands.

i've seen sweetness before,
it radiated such brightness,
with much colour and glory,
only with you did i get to taste it.

am i worthy of such fruit?
i question myself;
deserveth i joy, exhiliration, silence,
a haven from all things disconcerting?

i beckon not an answer,
for i reckon there is no need.
to fate's mercy i truly beg,
such emptiness never to return.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

the deep well

his eyes penetrate mine like acid through a weak examination glove;

burning the skin, flesh, and eventually my bones.

i fall.

the strike of the ground against my chest takes all the air out.

i gasp for breath..

and look away.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Counteracting the Curse

So you're out and about when it catches your eye. You go crazy. This is it, you want this and there's no stopping you now.

A few minutes later you find yourself at a register and you've just dropped yet another load of cash on a cool new t-shirt. Naturally you can't wait to wear it so you drop it in the wash (under the delicate setting or maybe even hand-wash) and then throw it in the dryer. Sweet deal. The moment has come at last. You take it out of the dryer and the beloved new t-shirt has WARPED!

100 % cotton. You'd think that with the technology we have now people would make these t-shirts so that they won't warp when you laundry them. Sure, we as humans have tried our best with the different blends of material that ensure clothing that doesn't warp but nothing beats wearing pure cotton. And sure there are a lot of shirts out there that have been made with such care that they don't warp either but I feel that there should be a standard set in place for ALL t-shirts. It's not fair. We pay good money for these. We're a t-shirt society.

Worst t-shirt warp case to date.

Other shirts that have warped.

Solution: Stretch them back out and lay them flat to dry.

Now if you've got lots of time to kill you can take it a step further and iron your t-shirts. I'll admit to have done that on several occasions.

Love your t-shirts and they will love you.