Thursday, May 10, 2007

we all have our own wells

"Why do we fall...? So that we can learn to pick
ourselves up."
-Thomas Wayne, Batman Begins (2005)

Now what do you do when you've been falling for so long that you can't remember how to stand on your own two feet? Unfortunately humans weren't created to fly so we can't just spread those wings and go back up to where we fell from. Even Batman had his fancy hooks and ropes. Spidey (who is mostly human) had his web. And don't give me that shit about Superman - he's a freaking alien. Back to our topic. If we could fly, we'd never fall (except for the time when we were still learning how).

You gotta hit the ground. Eventually. There is no such thing as a bottomless pit.

And hitting the ground sucks. Trust me, It freaking hurts. You're lucky if you don't get bruised or if you don't break or fracture anything or even die! But there's an upside to this. Someone (it better be yourself) gets to learn how to pick your ass up. Whether someone (or a few) are there to (help) pick you up you get off the ground and you go from there (hopefully not to the morgue).

I think I finally hit the ground. I can't pinpoint when I first started falling... initially I think it was sometime in grade 4... but all I know is that this spiral downwards has come to a stop. Wow, that's a full decade right there. See? I told you it sucks. I'm not gonna go into the details of what kind of falling this is or how I hit the ground. All we need to know is that I'm in the process of picking myself up.

Here's to the future. May I not make the same mistakes lest I spiral downwards all over again.

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