Tuesday, March 13, 2007

these pieces will break loose if i don't do something now

this is gonna be a quickie.... more of a personal blog to keep me in track rather than something to share with everyone. you as a reader are not obligated to continue reading from this point.

i woke up this morning to the realization of how much of a slacker i've been. sure, i get things done, and sure, the grades are acceptable but i know that i've got so much more that i can give if i just wasn't so damn lazy. yes, i'm LAZY! i hate it but i just can't seem to give more than what i'm giving now. plus, i have this thing where i cannot concentrate on work while my parents are home or awake. unfortunately by the time they're asleep i'm too tired to do work.

i tell myself, "Dicipline, Shayne, dicipline is the key." as well as "You know you can do it!" but the moment hear a nag or two from the other side of my room door (even if it's not directed at me) i just want to sleep. but i can't just sleep everything off. there are a lot of things in life i want to reach and by doing the things that i'm doing now there's no way i will reach such stature. there's just no way i can afford to let things slip in between my fingers. not now. i may still be young but that doesn't entitle me to take backward steps or to even status quo everything as much as it would be nice for a month or two. time's a tickin' and it will never wait.

final thoughts and boosters: "think about the things you want to reach and to have. no one can take away your education and it is the only thing that will ensure your success. this is also how you will be able to help the people that you love. cherish it, nurture it, and it will bear you the sweetest of fruits."

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